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Strategic Partners

Invest Africa collaborates with businesses and individuals who wish to broaden their connectivity and enhance their profile across Africa. To this end, it provides bespoke business development expertise such as delivery of specific partner events and core branding and PR profiling.

Through Strategic Partnerships, we prioritise flexibility and specialisation in the way we link our membership network with a partner organisation’s professional services, solutions or products, identifying synergies that strengthen both parties.

Become a Strategic Partner

Whether you are looking to grow your network, start a business or ​expand your multinational into African deals, we offer a tailored ​approach to all businesses and individuals.​ For more information contact

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Strategic Partnership Offer

All Members Benefits

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Bespoke Investor Events

Bespoke events focused on achieving strategic partners’ goals across chapter cities and at supported conferences taking place globally

Business Development Strategy

Supporting the business development strategy and plan​ with the partner organisation

Core Branding and Sponsorship

Core branding and sponsorship across Invest Africa marketing material.

Investor Missions

Direct involvement in Investor Missions. On-the ground ​ interaction with government officials and targeted investors

Targeted Introductions

Introductions to specific investors and C-Suite executives within our global network ​