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Update on Djibouti Free Trade Zone

Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, is a major gateway connecting global trade routes to landlocked countries in East Africa including Ethiopia. The country’s International Free Trade Zone (DIFTZ) is already enhancing domestic growth and attracting a growing number of international companies, only one year on from its launch. There are already over 80 companies signed up to the zone, from the trade and logistics sectors. These companies come from around the world, including Ethiopia, Europe, the Middle East and China. With the Djibouti International Hotel and the Djibouti International Tower inaugurated last month, and the upcoming connection to Doraleh multipurpose port, yet more international investors and businesses are expected to join soon.

The Djibouti Damerjog Industrial Development (DDID) is also under development and will create complementary opportunities alongside DIFTZ. DDID will include the country’s second oil terminal, as well as a zone dedicated to heavy industry. The work is scheduled for completion next year.

Briefing provided by Invest Africa members, Raitt Orr & Associates Limited.