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EXX Africa Special Report: African ‘Winner and Losers’ in 2020

Two large African economies are forecast to mark a significant improvement in their country risk ratings in 2020, while at least three West African markets will face a severe deterioration in their political risk indicators. EXX Africa identifies key risk trends for the year ahead and shares our selection of potential country risk winners and losers from around the continent for the year ahead.

Africa kicks off 2020 with a host of international investment conferences, starting next week in the UK, where the government will host at least 15 African presidents to boost the UK’s post-Brexit trade credentials. For the UK, this grand Africa-Britain summit will provide an opportunity to reset relations with African countries, of which only a handful have so far managed to roll over their existing trade deals with the EU to the UK. Overall, the messaging will be upbeat and look forward to a year of greater clarity on UK-Africa trade partnerships, improved US-China relations, and record economic growth in parts of the African Continent.

However, there also remain significant barriers to entry and political risks facing many investors including slowing economic growth in large economies, concerns over debt servicing, and fierce competition among investors seeking to benefit from privatisations and infrastructure deals. In its annual Africa Outlook report, EXX Africa identifies the key risks facing the continent and the likely winners and losers among the continent’s diverse markets as each country seeks to benefit from new investment and trade opportunities.

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