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Reforms and Resistance: Africa Risk and Reward Index Webinar with Control Risks

In association with Invest Africa, Barnaby Fletcher, Associate Director at Control Risks, and Jacques Nel, Chief Economist: Southern & East Africa at Oxford Economics, present the fourth edition of the Africa Risk-Reward Index which captures the evolution of the investment landscape in major African markets.

Africa presents an abundance of opportunity and possibility for business with ambitious reform agendas set to improve the business environment, unfilled demand for goods and services, infrastructure gaps and one of the world’s fastest growing populations. The index offers a comparative snapshot of market opportunities and risks across the continent, a grounded longer-term outlook of key trends in major African economies and some suggestions of successful strategies.



Fig.1 Africa Risk-Reward Index

The position of each country is defined by its risk and reward score; the size of its bubble represents the size of the country’s GDP. Further details on the methodology for calculating each country’s scores are provided in detail in the annex.