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Investor Mission to Senegal

26th – 28th February 2014

Purpose of the trip

Senegal is one of the more stable countries on the continent, enjoying three peaceful political transitions since 1960. Despite West African macro shocks, Senegal has consistently grown at 5% per annum. Heralded as an efficient oasis with a strong services industry, Senegal has forged a strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia, who are financing an infrastructure boom across the country. Invest Africa was hosted by our local partner, Ibrahima Cheik Diong, who facilitated meetings with high-level government officials and introduced the team to respected business leaders.



  • Yerim Sow – Founder, Teylium Group
  • Abdoulaye Wade – Former President of Senegal
  • CNP Senegal – Business trade union of Senegal
  • APIX – Investment Promotion Industry


  • Agriculture Research: a member of our delegation, buoyed by the clear potential of Senegal’s agriculture sector, returned to Dakar and carried out extensive research on the market
  • Power Mandate: a member of the delegation is now working on a live power mandate
  • Research Report: a detailed research report detailing the thoughts and findings of the trip has been widely circulated and cited by prominent members of the African investment community